What weight and size is best for a beginner? Would a 40" hoop be better than the TravelHoop?

I would recommend our Fitness Travel Hoop or any one of our Beginner Sized Hoops. When you first start hooping, you want a hoop that is at least 40" -42" in diameter, and weighs around 1.5 to just under 2 lbs, so that the hoop has its own momentum to go around your body while you learn to hoop.

The Travel Hoop is a great beginner hoop because it comes in 6 segments - 42" in diameter and weighing about 1.5lbs, and then when you get a little more advanced, or want more of a challenge, you can take one segment out - use 5 for a 36.5" hoop that weighs about 1.2 lbs. This hoop is like getting 2 hoops in 1.

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