How do I prevent my Hoopnotica® Hoop from getting all banged up?

Hoopnotica expects that you will receive your hoop in perfect condition, and begin to use it immediately. The decorative tape on your Hoop may wear down if you repeatedly drop it on textured surfaces, like concrete or asphalt. We recommend that beginners practice on a soft surface like grass or carpet. Stay away from walls, coffee tables, or wandering children. Even with careful consideration, it is not uncommon for your first hoop to become a bit torn and worn-looking. A well-loved hoop is not always the prettiest (but is often a favorite!). If you love Hoopnotica half as much as we do, we predict that you will acquire many hoops from our collection; ranging from the slightly worn, to those in practically perfect condition—a true testament to your prodigious hooping progress!

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