Do you have any hoops that are heavier than 2 lbs?

At this time, we do not, however, our full-sized hoops are constructed so that you can open and close them multiple times, which will allow you to add weight to them at a later date, at your discretion. For most on-body and off-body dance moves, you will start with a hoop weighing about 1.5 lbs, and then go lighter and smaller as you become more advanced. If you are more into “Fitness” such as Zumba and/or Aerobics, then you certainly can try a heavier hoop, perhaps even up to 3 lbs for off body movements. (we definitely would not recommend any heavier hoop than that). Even with this type of training/fitness, you still want to start with a hoop that weighs 1.5 lbs or at least not more than 2 lbs. 

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    Xandria Berry

    This is spot on.  This is very good information for those of use who haven't hooped in years.  This piece of info is a helpful guide in assisting in injury prevention.

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