What can I expect from my first time with your DVD's?

Get ready to laugh, sweat and have some fun! Our teachers will guide you through the Hoopnotica® curriculum step by step, at your own pace. You’ll begin with foundational moves such as waist hooping, hip hooping, and halos (spinning the hoop with your hands above the head). Once you have practiced and mastered these basic (but not necessarily easy!) moves, you’ll be ready to forge ahead with more complicated exercises. Before you know it, you will be moving gracefully and manipulating your hoop with intention. Regardless of your level, you are sure to get a considerable cardiovascular workout with just a few minutes of practice. Your heart will be pumping, and your face will be smiling. Most hoopers will agree that it’s pretty near impossible to be angry or stressed in the hoop (but please feel welcome to try).

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    I would like to get to my streaming video. Where is the link?????
    Please tel me. This is getting frustrating.
    Thank you

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